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Please Help Map Adult ADHD Services

The Children and Adolescents with ADHD in Transition between Children’s Services and adult Services (CATCh-uS) project team at the University of Exeter ran a survey in 2016 with the aim of creating a map of existing NHS adult ADHD services in the UK.

Responses to the 2016 survey have been used to create a preliminary map of existing NHS, voluntary and private services for adults with ADHD. This map not only helps inform and improve services for young people transitioning from child and adolescent mental health services to adult mental health services, it also helps adults who need to access ADHD services.  Importantly, the map also highlights areas in the UK where there are gaps in service provision.

This map was created, however, from information gathered in 2016 and now needs to be updated.  The CATCh-uS team, therefore, are asking people with ADHD, as well as anybody who knows someone with ADHD, or anybody who works with people with ADHD to take part in a new mapping survey.

Here is the live 2018 mapping survey. Please do take part!

It shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes to complete, it is anonymous and confidential, personal information will not be shared, but most importantly your answers will help update the map of ADHD services.


CATCh-uS is a very important research study of young people with ADHD in transition from children’s services to adult services. It aims to establish how many young people with ADHD are in need of services for ADHD as adults, and investigate young peoples, parents and practitioners views about the transition process. It is also mapping currently available adult ADHD services around the country. It is funded by the National Institute of Health Research and has been approved by NRES South Yorkshire Ethics Committee – Yorkshire & The Humber (REC Reference: 15/YH/0426) and the University of Exeter Medical School Ethics Committee (REC Application Number: 15/07/070). This study has been adopted by the new HRA on 15th June 2016 (“HRA Approval for a study with an existing UK study wide review”). More details are available on the CATCh-uS website.



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