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Meet Peter Shankman, author of Faster Than Normal

tl;dr: Top author, podcaster, entrepreneur speaks to us Monday 3rd May sign up for Zoom link here: – sign up now or you’ll forget! (link to be released 7pm Monday London time approx.) And please ask a question in advance – go to form here:

Longer version:

During lockdown many local groups have been meeting online. The central London one has been doing so too, but we are writing about it this evening because they have been lucky enough to arrange a talk for tomorrow evening, Monday the 3rd of May at 8pm by a bit of a star in the ADHD world, Peter Shankman, author of Faster Than Normal (Turbocharge Your Focus, Productivity, and Success with the Secrets of the ADHD Brain) – available at all good bookshops. Peter is a top ADHD podcaster: with recent topics including “Overclocking the ADHD Brain via Musical Energy w/ Focus At Will Founder Will Henshall”, “Molecular Gastronomy Cannabis Consumption and ADHD w/ Legacy Cannabis Chef-Inventor JeffThe420Chef” and “LakiKid Founder Jason Hsieh Helping Kids with Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder”.

He’s also an internationally sought after speaker (we’re lucky to get him) and an entrepreneur. His most well known company is Help A Reporter Out (HARO). And he’s started his own cryptocurrency :-O !

Now the interesting thing is that he puts a lot of his success down to ADHD. He doesn’t think of it as a disability  as long as he can control it. In his book he describes how he managed to get on top of his ADHD and make it work for him and not let it get on top of him.

The illustrious and leading New York ADHD psychiatrist and author Ned Hallowell (author of the classic ADHD book Driven To Distraction) wrote in the forward to Faster Than Normal “…the advice you will find herein is the best kind of advice. It is the advice learned in the trenches, on the arena, on the fields of life. It is not professional advice. It is not advice filtered through the fine mesh of sanitary filtration. No, it is the kind of advice you can not only use, but can relate to and feel in its source a kindred spirit, a person who has been there himself and not sitting on high.”

If you want to attend, the Zoom link will be emailed out out at approximately 7pm (London time) Monday the 3rd of May i.e within 24hrs of writing and sending this – so click the link now. For safety reasons we can’t just stick this up on the web, so please sign up for it (and further details of meetings) here: (emails all have an ‘unsubscribe’ link so if you ever get the urge to cruelly desert us, oops, stop hearing from us with no sense of guilt at all, don’t worry.)

We’ll be recording the actual talk so for management and privacy reasons we’ll be having the questions read out. If you want your question asked, please fill in this form: – do it now as you’ll forget otherwise!

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