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We are testing out a new site for Adults with Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder UK. It is being done on WordPress. This is where the news will go…

*** JUST IN ***

From Lizzie Coultas, Acumen Field Work:

Apologies for the short notice but we have had some cancellations on a project we are recruiting for and so have some interviewing slots to fill in London tomorrow and Friday. Below are the details of this research. If you are interested in taking part please call myself or Anthea as soon as possible so that we can go through the details of the research with you :

We currently have a project where we are keen to speak to people with low internet confidence about websites.

We are specifically looking for people with the following conditions and disabilities:

ADHD, Aspergers,  Low reading age, Mild to moderate learning difficulties.

Participants will be required to attend a pre study briefing on 31st March or 1st April for 45 minutes at a venue in Hammersmith.

They will then be given a 14 day diary study to complete.  This diary study will take around 1 hour per day.

Midway through the study participants will receive a 1 hour home visit.

Finally, participants will be required to attend a 1 hour meeting in Hammersmith on 18th or 19th April.

Participants will receive an incentive of £230 as a thank you for their time and opinions.

Is this is something you might be interested in taking part in? If so we would be delighted to hear from you.

If this is relevant to a family member, friend or work colleague, please forward on.

Please do not hesitate to contact me on 0161 234 9940 or send me an email.  Please include a contact telephone number in any response.

Many thanks,

Lizzie Coultas, Medical Field Manager, T: 0161 234 9940, DD: 0161 234 9951




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