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ADHD Top Tip: House Keys

Ever locked yourself out of the house? What did you do? Pay a locksmith? Drill off the lock? Break a window or crowbar the door? Not something you want to do regularly, yet it is a nightmare some people face again and again. One somewhat unsatisfactory solution is to put a key under the doormat, but apparently some burglars have actually heard of this. Here’s a solution one member came up with a long time ago and hasn’t been locked out since… 

She disabled her Yale-type lock. If you only have a dead lock on your door so that you have to actively turn the key to lock it, you’ll never hear the slam of the door and then get that awful sinking feeling as you realise you left your keys on the hall shelf.

A few thoughts though: It is probably best to get this done properly. Just leaving the old lock on the latch will probably mean that one day it will go wrong and the thing will pop shut when you least expect it. Make sure you are left with strong enough lockage for security – you can get two locks set up so they use the same key to cut down general bother. And, finally, it does mean that you have to remember to actually lock the door each time you go out…



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