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A first for Scotland

The situation in Scotland has been difficult. Provision of services for adults has been poor to non-existent (although that sums up the situation for most of the UK with one or two notable and welcome exceptions) and, to make matters worse, the NHS guidelines for treating ADHD in Scotland only cover children!

So we are delighted to have received this letter:

I am an occupational therapist working in a small project team in Edinburgh. We are hoping to establish an Adult ADHD Team within Lothian the first of its kind in Scotland and would like some service user feedback. We are tasked with looking at patient pathways, training of staff/general public, developing treatment resources and developing a shared protocol for medication. We believe that user involvement is vital and hope to get some information via the questionnaire attached. We would value it if you could circulate this to adults with ADHD that you may be in contact via your organisation. We have a tight time line for the project with the service to be up and running by May. We would therefore require feedback by no later than the end of April. If you would prefer to contact me by phone you are most welcome. We look forward to your responses.
Catriona Dillingham
Senior Occupational Therapist
North West Primary Care Liaison Team
Base : Craigroyston Health Clinic
1B Pennywell Road
Tel: 0131 315 2026
Fax: 0131 343 2416
Here is the questionnaire:

Service User Questionnaire

1) How old were you when diagnosed with ADHD?

2) How would you describe the impact of having ADHD as an adult on daily life? And which parts of daily living are most affected? Eg managing money, organising the house, socializing, working, building relationships etc?

3) What is your diagnosis ‘journey’?

4) What difference do you think it has made having that diagnosis both positively and negatively?

5) We are putting together training for a wide range of health professionals about Adult ADHD what specifically do you feel it would be useful for them to know?

5) We are developing an awareness raising campaign for public, so what you think would be effective here?

6) What are your experiences of taking medication?

7) Have you wanted to take medication as an adult?

8) What supports have been useful to you through your diagnosis/ experience?

9) What self-help materials or information has been useful? (feel free to send copies!)

10) What coping strategies have you employed during your time with this condition? What has helped, and what would you suggest to avoid?

Thank you for your feedback



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