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BBC2 Victoria Derbyshire Programme & adult ADHD

AADD-UK has received an email from Sarah Bell who is a producer for the Victoria Derbyshire programme on BBC2 and the News Channel.

She is hoping to make a film about adult ADHD, based on a study by King’s College London which identifies significant differences in brain activity between children whose attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) continues into adolescence and adulthood, and those who later grow out of the disorder. They would like to make a short film about someone who has the condition and how it affects their life, perhaps spending a day with them. They would then hope to follow it up with a studio discussion. Sarah has assured us that this will be sensitively and responsibly handled by the BBC. This sounds like a good and positive opportunity for our voices to be heard.

Ideally they would like to start filming next week.

If anyone is interested, or would like more information please contact Sarah directly at

Here’s a link to information about the new study that has got the BBC interested in adults with ADHD



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