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“ADHD and Me” Rory Bremner’s programme

We were delighted to hear the BBC Radio 4 documentary by Rory Bremner about his experience with ADHD and examine how it affects both children and adults in general. It was very sympathetic, stuck to the established facts, mentioned adults as well as children and covered a lot of aspects (it didn’t mention the purely inattentive type, but overall the whole thing was so good we’re not complaining.)

It wasn’t that someone famous has ‘come out’, although that’s great, but that the programme actually covered the matter so well. We didn’t even know it was being made, but it may be quite a landmark in getting recognition of the difficulties in life people with ADHD have. We may have a new champion for our cause! We’d like as many people as possible to hear it, so please let anyone you can think of know.

More details about the programme here or listen to it on BBC iplayer and there’s a news article here.



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