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Strewth! Rory Bremner and ADHD

As I crouch here, squeezed into…… the crawlspace behind a discarded ‘mainframe’ (a huge computer of yesteryear that cost more than a house, was around the same size as a house and had the sort of processing power that made you yearn for a trained monkey with an abacus because it took half an hour to write in the top left of an otherwise blank screen in a tiny font “Error 3150792” which meant nothing as that was the only error number it could show, put there in a vain attempt by the programmers to impress customers and to try to seem as if they actually knew something useful) in a sub-basement so dank cockroaches only come down here on punishment detail, typing on the Matterhorn-like keyboard of a telex machine, the do-good posers (they’d probably like to think they would at least be called ‘poseurs’, but that’s far to good for the likes of them) that are in charge of AADD UK remain unaware that I am still in possession of a key to the side entrance of AADD UK HQ. Bwaha-ha-ha-ha-HA-HA-HA! (That’s a sort of evil laugh.)

So, from convos I’ve earwigged, it is common opinion around these parts that there must be more than a few people involved in the comic art that have ADHD. It was generally thought, however, that the prime candidate for an ADHD ‘outing’ was Ross Noble…


Did you watch them? He’s got ADHD doesn’t he? Must do.

But, here’s the weird thing: the first comic to ‘out’ themselves for having ADHD is… [drum roll]

Rory [biddley-bum-bish] Bremner!

Look at this: or rather, listen to this, Monday, May the 23rd, 20011, BBC Radio 4 and possibly on the iplayer for a few days after.

Rory Bremner, eh? Would you bloody Adam and Eve it? If only it had been John Bird or John Fortune I might have been impressed.

Smell you later.



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