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A Trap for the Uwary

Everyone puts their foot in it now and again, and people with ADHD do it more than most. There’s the impulsivity that some people have and there’s the being distracted by all sorts of things and just not thinking hard enough about that you are about to say.


Don’t do what I’ve just done. A friend (at least she was, I hope she still is) who is into ‘solidarity’ and ’empowerment’ not to mention ‘consciousness raising’ and is generally into the sort of power-to-the-people march type thing was passing the time of day. We’d got past the “howya doin’?” bit (I’ve learned from experience that it is best to give a sort of mildly positive answer rather than “I’m not bad, actually, despite being bonkers”) and had got onto what was currently going on in our lives and the world “Ratko Mladic. Just awful! And, talking of evil, How could Simon Cowell do that to Cheryl Cole?”

I’d heard of a sort of right-on reclaiming-the-power thing going on in London fairly soon and casually asked if she was going on it. I was trying to ask out of genuine interest. I really thought it might be her sort of thing. In a good way. Honestly! It is just that… well, if I had thought about it a bit more before opening my big mouth I would kept away from the whole thing. I don’t know which was worse. The frosty silence or the icepick stare. Click the link and you’ll see why. The march is probably a really good idea, but be really careful who you ask about whether they are going on it! (And, so easy to say, so hard to do… think before you speak!)

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