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Updating our website

We are currently updating our website and so far we have added new information to 3 of our Library pages, namely ADHD in the NewsResearch Articles, and Books. And we have also added new ADHD events to our Calendar.

And at long last we are in the process of adding new names, and updating contact details, on our lists of Psychiatrists, Psychologists/Counsellors, Occupational Therapists (a brand new list so we’ve only got one name at the moment), Coaches, and Support Groups.   So if you would like to have your services added to our lists,  or to have your details updated, you will find how to contact us on the relevant page. There is no charge for adding your details to our website because we are managing and maintaining this website as a free resource for the ADHD community.

When we have completed our lists of Help & Support, we will be updating and adding new information to the remainder of our pages so please bear with us.

And in the meantime please feel free  to join us in our support forum where you can ask questions and chat with others about all ADHD matters.



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