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Who are we?

AADD-UK is a small charity founded by members in Bristol, London and Newcastle, and is currently running several affiliated support groups as well as a website and online community.

The main aims of AADD-UK are raising awareness of ADHD in adulthood, advancing the education of professionals and the public at a national and local level in the UK to ensure that all adults with ADHD regardless of age, health, ethnicity, socio-economic status, and religion have fair and equitable access to health, social, employment, and other services as needed, and to promote and support research in the field of adult ADHD.

Purpose of this site

All information found on the site is intended to support and not to replace the existing relations between people and their attending attending physicians, counsellors, advisors, or other interested parties.

It is always necessary to share any medical information which you may find on the Internet with your attending physician or health professional.

Mission of this site

The mission of the site is to provide readers with access to health and other relevant information which is known to be accurate and trustworthy.

Audience for this site

Our site is intended for the following groups:

The general public including people who require information about  ADHD, family and friends of people with ADHD and any person interested in knowing more about ADHD.

Health professionals including those who would like to keep up to date with the issues surrounding ADHD in adults by regularly reading new material or those who require further knowledge about adults with ADHD.

Students including those in the field of healthcare who are interested in ADHD.

Journalists, writers, and broadcasters who wish to learn more about ADHD so that they can report on matters relating to ADHD in a fair and balanced manner that encourages public understanding of the complexities of ADHD.  Please see our media centre (link is at the bottom of this page).


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Information provided on this website is intended for your general knowledge and is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice and treatment. You should never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking an assessment or medical treatment because of something you may have read on this site. You should also not use the information on this web site or the information on links from this site to diagnose or treat ADHD and/or co-morbidities, in yourself or others, without consulting a qualified adult ADHD specialist. AADD-UK encourages all internet users to be careful when using online medical information. Although we carefully review our content, AADD-UK cannot guarantee nor take responsibility for the medical accuracy of documents we publish, or information we provide, nor can AADD-UK assume any liability for the content of websites linked to our site.


Material found on this site (information, text and image) may be used or distributed for non-commercial purposes under the condition that this note of Copyright remains intact in each document where AADD-UK is stated as it’s source and a link to the AADD-UK website is provided.

Please also send an email to: aadd.org@gmail.com mentioning the use of the material of the site, https://aadduk.org/.

The contents of the site may not be used for commercial purposes.
Any information and images included in this site, obtained from other servers shall remain the copyright of the managers of those servers and the authors of the respective documents.


The information provided on our site is always referenced and the origin always stated.

The date of last modification of each page (date of last update) is indicated on every page.

Transparency of Financing

AADD-UK is a non-profit organisation which offers all its services free of charge. We thus rely upon both public and private sector donations, research grants, small cash contributions* and specific services in kind (e.g. exchange of links and networking).

* Donations are subject to the following rules:

Any financial commitment from public or private sector entities to the AADD-UK website or to a dedicated project under the responsibility of AADD-UK, gives no right to influence the content of this website.

AADD-UK is completely independent of all the published material content in AADD-UK’s website. There is no influence at all from donating parties or partners funding any part of a project or section of the AADD-UK website. If any such pressure should at any time occur, the partnership agreement with the partner in question will be immediately nullified to safeguard the credibility of this site.


The AADD-UK website does not accept advertising.  AADD-UK does not promote any product or service which you may find on this. We do, however,  promote selected events of interest to the ADHD community which may be considered as “friendly links.”

The above notices follow the ethical policies as published on the website for Health On the Net Foundation ( accessed 27th August 2015).

If there is anything on this page you would like to discuss, or if you have any questions, please join us in our Forum here.

Last reviewed: 27/08/2015

Next review due: 27/08/2016

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