London Adult ADHD Support Group(s)

Central London ADHD Adult Group

Like everyone else, we are meeting online via Zoom. Meetings are usually at 8pm on a Monday. Please join our mailing list (it is private and you can remove yourself at any time) by entering your email address here:

BTW you don’t have to be in London to come to the meeting. This is the Internet, after all.

Any problems or queries, send an e-mail to:


BTW there are also groups in Kingston (on T) and Harrow you’ll have to check their web sites for meeting details. 


[Ignore this bit below, we’ve left it up in case we ever get out of lockdown!]

Month 1st Tuesday Costa 3rd Thursday Costa Wandering Monday The Glass Blower

Please e-mail the above address if you spot a mistake!




6 thoughts on “London Adult ADHD Support Group(s)

  1. My Grandson is just 19 and I recently found out when he visited me that he has been diagnosed with Dyspraxia as well as ADHD. When he left I sat and read everything I could about it because I had no knowledge of the condition? It explained so much about what he is trying to cope with, and those closest to him. My son, his father has classic textbook symptoms of ADHD since early childhood and they have persisted into adulthood. In his early years he was diagnosed as hyperactive, maladjusted, etc. So little was known in the early 70’s. Society labels, excludes, and penalises children and adults. Families fall apart trying to keep it all together! We do not always understand why they behave the way they do, and neither do they?? We do not always deal with things appropriately. Neither does the Job Centre, the DWP, schools, employers, etc, the list is endless. Disability awareness and ignorance about how these conditions affect sufferers remains, but is understandable, because even those closest to the child/adult have a hard time working out what the hell is going on! All we can do is our best for those we love and support them best we can. Best wishes.

    Posted by Jayne | July 27, 2015, 12:51 am
  2. I have had the exact same problem. I’m currently studying for my law degree and have had to put it on hold despite having one semester left because everything has just come to a head.
    My first never sit-down not offer any help for adhd and although I was diagnosed with Dyspraxia, the learning support they offer is mostly focused on dyslexia and not specific enough.
    It’s incredibly frustrating and looking to the NHS for help is terrible because the waiting lists are so incredibly long.
    Feels as though I’ll finally be able to learn to manage myself by the time I’m 40!!

    Posted by C | June 4, 2015, 9:05 am
  3. I’m finding myself in the same boat as a lot of others who have written in the replies here. I am 34, and I am waiting for my NHS diagnosis for ADHD, Bipolar and Dyscalculia. I only kno that i have therse conditions because I paid a hefty sum (about £1600) to go private with Harly ST. to get a private diagnosis for my conditions. I did not know untill about 4 and a half years ago that I might have a condition that explains all my inadiquasies in my life and why I have never been able to reach the potential hat so many around me accomplish so easily despite being just as clever and in some cases more so. I Always thought that i was just stupid o not quite with it, and that that was just who i was, but now that i know tha i am not either of these things(well.. not in the normal) sense, i am only even more infuriated at the things which blight my every day life. I am extremely qick to temper, hough I would not say that i am confrontational. I do not believe i am odd, but I still feel like sometimes i will explode if i hold my tongue or my emper. I have problems focusing on things, even those that i enoy and i am the constant butt of jokes in all circles for even daring to mention that i may have adhd. typical replies have gone from “you cant have adhd, beacause your not violen or aggressive” to “you are just lazy/bone idle..”. I have been waiting for about 16months now for my nhs diagnosis, becasue my family have mostly said that because, I paid private, they pretty much just told me what i wanted to hear to gaurantee themselfs a future client. I am sick to my stumach every day, because my life does not seem to have any kind of direction or goal anf by the attitudes of those around me. especialy after all the “ADHD isnt real BS…”. I rea;y do not kno what to do any more, because everything i try just turns to ash around me, and apart from my few gifts of being articulate and creative, ii really dont feel like i have much to offer…. all i get from my family is why dont you get a job, how long are you going to continue to sit at home waiting to b told by doctors that you are normal, jand what do you want to do in life.
    I feel so lost and overwhelmed and i just cant stand it anymore. i suppose im just wrinting right now, just to have an outlet. you think ADHD is bad… try being ADHD and indian.

    Posted by Amar Ubhii | May 13, 2015, 4:38 am
  4. Upstairs at back.

    Posted by AADD-UK | May 6, 2015, 10:09 am
  5. Costa Coffee was closed last night. It looks like they’re renovating the place

    Posted by Tim | May 6, 2015, 7:35 am
    • It was being refurbished. We put a sign on the door to say we’d gone to the Argyll Arms across the road – sorry if you got there before we’d put it up. Back to normal next time.

      Posted by AADD-UK | May 6, 2015, 10:07 am
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