Living with ADHD

ADHD is a lifelong disorder that can continue to cause difficulties, if left undiagnosed and untreated, with relationships, at home, at university, and in the workplace.  But there are many strategies that we can use to help us overcome or bypass any hurdles and obstacles, and that can help us to use our own talents and strengths and to realise our own potential.

If you suspect that your difficulties are caused by ADHD, we recommend the following:

1.  Learn about ADHD in adults by reading the information on this website

2.  If you identify with what you’ve read, request a referral to an ADHD specialist for assessment for potential ADHD (you’ll find details about how to do this in our FAQs

3. Visit a support group in your area so that you can talk with others about ADHD

4. Visit our forum and join in the online discussions

5.  Read through the resources we’ve provided in this section of our website (the links are the bottom of this page), and if you know of any that we haven’t listed please let us know.

6.  And now here is a link to a list of criteria that you can use to hellp you judge the value of any information you find on the Internet including this website: Criteria for evaluation of Internet Information Resources


If there is anything on this page you would like to discuss, or if you have any questions, or you just want to chat, please join us in our Forum here. 

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2 thoughts on “Living with ADHD

  1. I was 33 years,and i in Indonesia,i have problem to concentrate and i use methylpenidate to control it.i work in angineering consultant as piping pdms designer,this time Indonesia situation bad for oil company,and make me unemployment,make me very stresses and i dont have more money for my medication,stressful…..

    Posted by reva | July 21, 2015, 12:20 am

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