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Disclaimer: We are not financial experts and cannot provide financial advice and any information provided here does not represent financial advice, recommendation, or endorsement by us.  We are providing resources for educational and support purposes only.  While we are providing links to  these websites, we are not responsible for their content.

UK Websites:

1.  The Money Advice Service: a free independent service set up by the Government and funded by a levy on the financial services.  They offer advice online, on the phone, and face to face.

2. Community Legal Advice: this is a free and confidential legal advice service for England and Wales that is provided by legal aid.  It covers family and personal issues; debt, money and taxes, benefits, school matters, employment issues, and advice about the police and crime.

3. Dealing with Debt: Getting help with money problems.  This is a free leaflet provided by Community Legal Service that covers your rights, the rights of people you owe money to, and the rights of bailiffs and debt collectors.

4.  The National Debtline: a helpline that provides free advice for dealing with debt problems for England, Wales, and Scotland.  .

5.  Money Basics: this website was set up by Credit Action, Consumer Credit Counselling Service, and GE Money to help educate people about  how to plan for their financial future.  It has various free advice guides and other downloads.

6. a website that provides free money saving tips, tools, and techniques.

7.  Benefits and Financial Support: information on the Government’s website.

8.  Appealling against a benefit decision: information from the Government about how to appeal.

9.  The British Gas Energy Trust: this is an independent charitable trust that administers a grants programme for domestic customers of British Gas that are having trouble paying their British Gas bills.

10. Turn2Us: a charity that provides free information about sources of financial support.

11. Citizens Advice Bureau: 10 tips for surviving the recession

12 Financial Ombudsman Service: a service set up by parliament to settle complaints between consumers and businesses providing financial services.

13. Mortgages & Repossessions: Information, advice, & action plans from DirectGov

14. Business Debtline: a Charity run by the Money Advice Trust. This is a free debt advice service for the self-employed and small businesses in England, Wales and Scotland.

Tax Credits and Benefits

1.  Tax Credits: information from HM Revenue & Customs

2. Benefits & Financial Support: information from DirectGov

3. Financial Support for Disabled People: information from DirectGov.

Non UK Websites

1.  Adult ADD and Money: an American website set up by John Mackenzie MBA

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