Brighton Adult ADHD Support Group (ADHD Aware)

In 2014 the members of the Brighton support group, founded ADHD Aware, a charitable organisation that supports people effected by ADHD in Brighton, Sussex and beyond.

Over the years, ADHD Aware has grown and we now have over 1000 members and we provide 5 different peer support meetings a month for all different aspects of ADHD. We have two meetings a month specifically for Adult ADHD, the Drop-In meeting on the second Wednesday of the month and the Group Discussion on the forth Tuesday of the month.

All meetings are currently on zoom.

We send out the invites to our meetings in our monthly newsletter. For more information and to sign up, please see our website.

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One thought on “Brighton Adult ADHD Support Group (ADHD Aware)

  1. Hello ive Adhd all my life now 35 finally have it in writing i get no support no help from any where just doors shut in my face doctors said i had depssion and fed me pills what made me worse ive had to smoke weed all my life from 12 just to have a semi normal life is there any where that can help me i get rite meds now and life is getting a bit better but still need surport and help im i yapton west sussex thanks

    Posted by lee cooper | May 12, 2015, 12:18 pm

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