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ADHD & Mind Wandering Research

UK Adult ADHD Network (UKAAN) is currently investigating the role of excessive/uncontrolled mind wandering in ADHD. As part of this research they are conducting a survey on mind wandering, ADHD and the links to educational and occupational outcomes, including both potential impairments and benefits (such as creativity) that might be linked to mind wandering in ADHD.

They have already collected a large sample of around 1,000 non-ADHD controls. Now they wish to compare this to findings from patients who have been diagnosed with ADHD. They are therefore looking for clinicians working in adult ADHD clinics to help them by handing out information sheets to patients with ADHD which invites them to take part in this research by completing the online survey.

If you are willing to assist in this research please contact Professor Philip Asherson by email ( They would like your name, work address and name of your NHS Trust, or if in a private clinics, just the address of the clinic, to add your site to the current ethics for this work.

If you wish for further information please contact Professor Philip Asherson. He can then send you a copy of their recent publication on this topic, and a rating scale that can be used to measured excessive mind wandering in adults with ADHD.



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